Applied Research: Bioeconomy, Renewable Carbon & Climate Change

Gifford Consulting is an independent applied research company focused on developing bio-based circular economies, products and the use of renewable carbon sources to mitigate the effects of climate change. We also develop approaches to add value to the agricultural, forestry and waste management sectors.

Gifford Consulting has developed a number of information catalogues that cover the following topics:

  • The latest news from around the globe related to bioeconomies, bio-based products, renewable carbon, new low carbon energy systems and climate change. The daily news is available on our News page. Access to our full News catalogue is available through our News dashboard.
  • Bioeconomy industry: This catalogue provides access to in-depth papers and presentations on companies, products, feedstocks and trends related to developing bioeconomies. This cataloge is a simple way to rapidly identify key players and developments across a wide range of topics related to the bio-based circular economy.
  • Biomaterials: This catalogue provides the latest information on what new generation products are being developed and commercialised to substitute for those made from fossil fuels.
  • Research Catalogue: Focuses on the latest developments from Research agencies around the world with a emphasis on emerging technologies. This catalogue provides a simple way to identify what agencies are doing and indicates how  they are progressing along development pathways. This catalogue is available on request.
  • Companies: Our companies catalogue tracks individual companies and their most recent developmnets and annoucements. This is accessible by completing our subscription form.

Additional Resources:

Additional resources are accessable by completing our subscription form.

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